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Can A Roof Make A Statement? Learn How.

The Palmer Group Having been in the remodeling and building business for over 30 years we feel very strongly that the type of roofing material that you use can make a real statement about your home. The type of roofing material can project charm, character, elegance, richness, or a feeling of quality construction.  What's the Best Roofing Option For Your Home? Right now there are more roofing options in the marketplace than ever before and choosing one can be a tough decision.  Here in New England... Continue Reading >

Why We Sell Tired Homes Better Than Anyone In Massachusetts.

The Palmer Group This slow real estate market has brought us a lot of referrals and listings. With so much inventory and very little selling, every seller is looking for a competitive edge - especially when their home is tired and outdated. The typical reactive broker approach is to take your listing, post it in MLS, put out a sign, advertise the property, conduct a few open houses, and hope and pray the phone rings. At Commonwealth Estates, we use an entirely different approach to selling... Continue Reading >

Can I Sell My Boston Metro West Home Without Listing It In MLS? Learn How.

The Palmer Group Short answer:  YES! It is possible to sell your home without ever listing it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We took a look at all the residential homes listed and sold in Wellesley for 2010, and found 304 homes were listed and sold by brokers in MLS.   According to the state's Registry of Deeds, 390 homes were sold and recorded in Wellesley in that same time period.  That is a difference of 86 Homes, or 22% of all homes sold in Wellesley... Continue Reading >

Should I Fix Or Update My Massachusetts Home Prior To Selling?

The Palmer Group We Have Heard This Question from Hundreds of Home Owners. Should I fix or update my home prior to Selling? During a Sellers Market Since we’ve made a pretty good living building and remodeling homes over the last 30+ years we hear this question from sellers all the time.  If this were 10 years ago and we were still in a hot market I would often advise clients to fix or update certain things in their homes prior to selling because there was... Continue Reading >

Is My Massachusetts Home A Tear Down Or A Fixer-Upper?

The Palmer Group   Should it stay or should it go ? We call these homes classic in-betweeners! These homes are typically well built homes that have usually been well maintained.  The problem is they haven’t been updated in quite some time. In today’s world buyers are quite demanding and sometimes they would rather tear something down and start all over versus trying to figure out how to renovate and improve the home to a standard that today’s buyers require. Cherrybrook Road Neighborhood in Weston MA. View Larger... Continue Reading >

Sellers Don’t Be Fooled. Not Every Realtor can be #1. Can They?

The Palmer Group Have you ever picked up one of those beautiful lifestyle magazines like Weston/Wellesley Magazine and noticed how many real estate ads have claims to be the "Number One Realtor" in the market? Maybe they are claiming that they are "number one in 2010 or 2011.  Perhaps  they are number one in a single town like Weston.  Maybe they are top realtor for listings, or working with buyers, or even number one within their own large firm. Unfortunately for sellers there is no one to... Continue Reading >

How We Saved Our Client One Million Dollars In Wellesley, MA.

The Palmer Group We began working with this particular client back in 2010.  They were a very nice young couple looking to build their dream home in Wellesley or on the south side of Weston. Their only real requirement was they wanted to be in a nice neighborhood with a lot big enough to support a pool.  In Wellesley this meant we were looking at lots that were zoned SRD30 and SRD40.  SRD stands for Single Family Residence District - 30,000 sq.ft. lots or... Continue Reading >

30 Wachusett Road, Wellesley, MA – Sold But Never Listed In MLS. $2,150,000

The Palmer Group We sold 30 Wachusett Road in Wellesley for $2,150,000.  This premier Cliff Estates property sat on a beautiful flat 30,000 sq.ft. lot in a SRD 30 Zone.  It was never listed on MLS and we sold it to the very first client we showed it to.  One of our builder clients bought it for top dollar. Here is what the ecstatic Seller had to say About Commonwealth Estates Residential Brokerage: "Dear Michael, I wanted to take a minute and drop you a line to... Continue Reading >

Why Partnering With A Massachusetts Real Estate Expert Can Maximize A Sellers’ Return.

The Palmer Group Gaining A Partner Can Maximize A Sellers’ Return. As a seller of a residential home, you want to get the most amount of money from your real estate investment.  Sometimes it might make sense to fix up your home before selling it.  Or you might want to explore the property’s alternative development potential to maximize potential return and eventual sales price for your property. As developers and real estate professionals, we gladly meet with sellers who ask us if we would be... Continue Reading >