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Is The Slow Down In The Massachusetts Luxury Real Estate Market Self Inflicted?

The Palmer Group   This is an interesting question and you may not like our answer, but we believe in honesty and straight forwardness. From our perspective, some of the current market conditions are indeed self inflicted. Problem #1:  Sellers with unrealistic expectations.  Years ago, homeowners watched their homes appreciate annually at double-digit rates.  Today, the real estate market has been slow for years and those double-digit appreciation rates have been gone for some time. Many markets have actually seen negative appreciation.  Higher- end towns like our core towns... Continue Reading >

Bidding Wars Return – Norfolk Street, Holliston MA – $384,000.

The Palmer Group As we entered the spring market things started to heat up in lower first time home buyer price ranges in most of the towns we cover, (Holliston, Medfield, Sherborn, Dover, Weston, Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Westwood, Natick, Wayland, Lincoln.)  Like many brokers we were starting to see Bidding Wars Return and 630 Norfolk Street in Holliston was a perfect example.  Although the house had been well maintained and some updating had been done it was on a main road with no garage.  With... Continue Reading >

Massachusetts Bidding Wars Are Back While Inventory Remains Low.

The Palmer Group   The entry level into most of the Massachusetts towns that we work and live in continues to be red hot.  There are many buyers out there trying to take advantage of the low rates while the inventory of available homes remains low.  Recently in Holliston we sold a house in the first weekend with over 30 qualified buyers attending the first open house.  We had several offers on the home that night and will be closing on it in the middle of June. Last... Continue Reading >

Winding River, Needham MA On The Charles River. $1,344,200

The Palmer Group Never Officially On The Market Sold Direct. This charming Royal Barry Wills colonial was being tastefully renovated by one of our builder clients when we were fortunate to find a buyer just prior to completing the project and putting it on the market for the first time. This Needham home underwent an extensive transformation with strategic additions off the rear of the home and up over the existing garage. Renovations included new master bedroom suite, 5th bedroom or game room over garage, all new... Continue Reading >

Do You Want To List Your Home Or Sell Your Home?

The Palmer Group   The answer to that question is quite simple.  Most people think that by Listing their home with a broker they are selling it.  Right? Wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Listing a home is nothing more than completing a process. You sign a contract with a realtor.  The realtor then posts the listing in MLS, they advertise the listing, hold open houses, and sit back and pray the home sells. The problem is listing a home is not selling a home. Having come from a... Continue Reading >

Can Too Many Pictures In MLS Ruin My Chances To Sell My Home?

The Palmer Group   Pictures can play a very important role when marketing your property but you have to be careful how you use them. First and foremost all of your pictures should be done by a professional photographer.  As a seller you're paying a lot of money in commissions and there is no excuse for not having professionally done photos. In today's internet savvy world of shopping, photos act as your first impression to a potential buyer.  To have dark, out of focus, poorly cropped, or photos... Continue Reading >

Want To Know What Your Property’s Development Potential Is?

The Palmer Group   The answer to this question is actually quite simple.  The best way to get a professional assessment of a property's development potential is to ask a developer like, Commonwealth Estates Residential Brokerage.  Most sellers initially consult with a realtor.  But realtors in general don't know all the local and state building and zoning codes, possible conservation restrictions, septic design and implementation, floor area ratios, lot coverage issues, tree bylaws, non-compliance and variance issues. They may provide you with a few things like zoning... Continue Reading >

Will Floor Layouts Help Me Sell My Massachusetts Home?

The Palmer Group   That depends.  Floor layouts are a great visual for buyers and more and more realtors are using them every day.   In fact, today we are seeing more and more of these interactive floor layouts where you can actually place furniture in the room or you can click on a small camera icon to see a certain angled view of the room.  In our professional opinion there are times when you should use floor layouts and times when you shouldn't. If your house has an... Continue Reading >

Is Your Massachusetts Home Not Selling? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For A Second Opinion.

The Palmer Group Sellers ask us all the time to provide them with a second opinion. Whe the market is  challenging, sellers search for reasons why their home isn't selling.    Since selling happens on average only two or three times in a lifetime you need to consult with experts who have been selling homes for years.  Here's a recent example highlighting a common problem for sellers: We were referred to a prospect in Weston by two of her close friends.  Both friends were clients of ours and we had helped them sell their... Continue Reading >

Does It Take A Special Breed Of Realtor To Sell A Luxury Home?

The Palmer Group   Yes.  We believe it does take a special type of realtor to handle the intricacies of selling a luxury home. Your home is your castle.  You've probably spent serious money over the years updating your home with the highest quality materials and technologies. With higher priced homes, you have a much smaller pool of potential buyers.  To be successful selling your home it must stand out in a crowd. As a realtor of luxury homes in this specific market, we know how important your home is to... Continue Reading >