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Exciting Weston Remodeling Partnership Project at 33 Sunset Rd.

The Palmer Group We uncovered this wonderful good bones home in Weston for one of our investment partners who purchased the home for $1,050,000. The home was listed for sale in need of extensive renovation and repair.  The home was originally a ranch style home that underwent a previous renovation to become a colonial. Our investor partner provided the capital to purchase the home in the hopes of turning a profit at the end of an extensive renovation.  The Weston market remains very hot and this... Continue Reading >

Beware Of Zillow And The Accuracy Of Zestimates.

The Palmer Group We've been telling clients for a long time Zillow and Zestimates can be very inaccurate.  In this recently published article the CEO of Zillow admits to the inaccuracies with the data on his company's site and others go on to point out the bigger problem when combining nationalized data with localized data. LA Times February 8, 2015   /  Reporting from Washington Inaccurate Zillow 'Zestimates' a source of conflict over home prices When "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell asked the chief executive... Continue Reading >

Under Agreement By The Palmer Group – More Than $8M In Two Separate Land Deals

The Palmer Group   Under Agreement - Two Significant Land Parcels in Weston and Dover totaling more than $8M in sales for The Palmer Group. The Palmer Group recently had the pleasure of putting two significant parcels of land under agreement in Dover and Weston with one of our large Regional Developers.  A 27+ acre parcel of gorgeous farm land property located in a very convenient location of Dover and an approximate 5 Acre wooded parcel of level and dry land in Weston.  Both properties offer... Continue Reading >

Sellers – Don’t Leave Money on the Table.

The Palmer Group How to Maximize Your Profits while Selling Your Home in a Challenging Market Every seller has important questions: Is now a good time to sell? Should I repair or update my home prior to selling? Are there certain things I should or shouldn’t do prior to selling? How do I get the most amount of money from my investment? Turning to your local Realtor might help you answer the first question, “Is now a good time to sell?”  However, most Realtors don’t have any experience updating, developing, and building houses for a living. The experienced real... Continue Reading >

Hey Sellers, What Have We Always Been Saying? Listed for $1.1M+ sold for $2M

The Palmer Group In our 30 plus years in the business we've always said to sellers there is really only one mistake you can make in real estate.  We tell sellers you can never under price your home and the only mistake you can really make is overpricing the home. Most sellers tend to challenge us a little bit on this statement.  They are fearful that if they price it to low they might have to sell it at that price.  We always tell them no matter... Continue Reading >

Biggest Massachusetts Seller Myth Demystified

The Palmer Group One of the biggest seller myths when listing a home for sale, is that sellers automatically assume they have to list with an in town real estate company because they have all the buyers. The first thing sellers should know is, buyers don't care who you list with.   That's correct.  You will never hear a buyer say, "I’m going to see that house because it’s listed with the top agent and firm in town." Don’t Be Fooled. Not Everyone Can Be The # 1 Realtor. Can They? The reality... Continue Reading >

Don’t Be Mislead By Assessed VS Fair Market Value Comparisons.

The Palmer Group In the luxury towns we work in and in most Massachusetts towns, determining a property's fair market value based on the town's assessed value for the land and buildings can be largely inaccurate. Often times the general public is confused about the numbers because realtors fail to educate their clients on the significant difference between the two figures.  We often find that looking at the assessed values is about as accurate as using to figure out what a home is worth.  If you have... Continue Reading >

Weston Massachusetts Real Estate Market Results In 2013.

The Palmer Group Homes Sold in Weston MA in 2013 Total Number of Weston Homes Sold Through Massachusetts Multiple Listing Database, (MLS) – 166 Additional Number of Weston Homes Sold Not through MLS – 46  We didn’t sell all those homes behind the scenes but we were involved in many of those transactions.  Least Expensive Weston Home Sale - 436 North Ave sold at $490,000.  Most Expensive Weston Home Sale - 5 Willow at $10,000,000. Most Expensive Home Sale in Massachusetts In 2013 – Dartmouth Street Boston sold at $14,500,000. Average Weston List Price -... Continue Reading >

13 Essential Steps To Follow When Hiring A Contractor.

The Palmer Group   When you can, get a referral from someone you trust.  Check references.  If possible, see jobs the contractor has completed. Ask your town's building department to see if they know of your contractor and ask about their reputation.  They will let you know If there are any red flags.  Lastly, check with the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce for complaints against the contractor. Get at least three written estimates on any job.  We do not always choose the lowest; we choose the contractor we trust the most to get ... Continue Reading >

Critical Steps You Should Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale.

The Palmer Group   Have your home inspected before putting it on the market.  This proactive step could save you thousands of dollars.  A pre-sale home inspector can give you a good indication of the trouble areas that will stand out to potential buyers, and you’ll be able to make repairs before open houses begin. Get replacement estimates for expensive repair items that are worn out or will need to be replaced soon.  Is your roof in need of repair, furnace past it useful life, or hard wood floors... Continue Reading >