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Insider Secrets To Purchasing Massachusetts House Plans On-Line.

The Palmer Group What We Have Learned In Our 30 Years of Building and Remodeling About On-Line Home Plans. If you are building a brand new house you might already have a plan in mind or you might be able to find a stock house plan on the Internet. There are lots of Internet sites (DreamHomeSource) where you can look for stock house plans and because they sell these plans more than once they are relatively inexpensive compared to hiring an architect. The thing I would... Continue Reading >

Should I Fix Or Update My Massachusetts Home Prior To Selling?

The Palmer Group We Have Heard This Question from Hundreds of Home Owners. Should I fix or update my home prior to Selling? During a Sellers Market Since we’ve made a pretty good living building and remodeling homes over the last 30+ years we hear this question from sellers all the time.  If this were 10 years ago and we were still in a hot market I would often advise clients to fix or update certain things in their homes prior to selling because there was... Continue Reading >

Reasons Why We Prefer Hydro Air Systems For New England Homes.

The Palmer Group Hydro air heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in the New England area. We've installed Hydro Air systems in many of our projects and we are big fans of the technology.  The concept of hydro air is not new, and it has existed for most of this century.  I am not an engineer so my apologies.  I will attempt to break this down into laymans terms so you get an understanding of a Hydro Air System. A hydro air system is a combination of a... Continue Reading >

Is My Massachusetts Home A Tear Down Or A Fixer-Upper?

The Palmer Group   Should it stay or should it go ? We call these homes classic in-betweeners! These homes are typically well built homes that have usually been well maintained.  The problem is they haven’t been updated in quite some time. In today’s world buyers are quite demanding and sometimes they would rather tear something down and start all over versus trying to figure out how to renovate and improve the home to a standard that today’s buyers require. Cherrybrook Road Neighborhood in Weston MA. View Larger... Continue Reading >

Where Do You Go To Find A Good Massachusetts Home Builder?

The Palmer Group This is a very good question. If you’ve ever spent time trying to research good builder’s you would know it’s not easy.  You could check with a professional builder association, but that doesn’t guarantee a good builder.  It just guarantees they paid their membership fees.  You can ask friends and relatives, but what if your job is very different and requires different skills ? After working as a developer and realtor for over 30 years, we’ve  seen builders come and go.  As... Continue Reading >

Finding The Right Piece Of Land To Build On In Massachusetts Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult.

The Palmer Group   Finding the right piece of land for your dream home isn’t easy.  Not only is competition fierce among buyers and builders, but you have to be ready to move on something very quickly.  Have you ever driven by a home being torn down and you stop and say to yourself, “I didn’t even know that house was on the market!”  It’s frustrating when you miss out on some of these opportunities, and it doesn’t have to be that way if... Continue Reading >

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