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Biggest Massachusetts Seller Myth Demystified

The Palmer Group One of the biggest seller myths when listing a home for sale, is that sellers automatically assume they have to list with an in town real estate company because they have all the buyers. The first thing sellers should know is, buyers don't care who you list with.   That's correct.  You will never hear a buyer say, "I’m going to see that house because it’s listed with the top agent and firm in town." Don’t Be Fooled. Not Everyone Can Be The # 1 Realtor. Can They? The reality... Continue Reading >

Garden Road, Newton MA $1,250,000 This Street Being Transformed Overnight

The Palmer Group 24 Garden Road in Newton sold for $1,250,000.  One of our builder clients bought the home to renovate. Located at the base of Farlow Hill and on one of Newton Corner's prettiest streets, this 10 room, 6 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms, slate roof, shingle and stucco colonial has elegance, grace, and charm. Our builder client who does a lot of high-end remodeling projects has plans for a complete and thorough renovation. As with many popular neighborhoods in Newton there is a great deal of exciting home improvement... Continue Reading >

Don’t Be Mislead By Assessed VS Fair Market Value Comparisons.

The Palmer Group In the luxury towns we work in and in most Massachusetts towns, determining a property's fair market value based on the town's assessed value for the land and buildings can be largely inaccurate. Often times the general public is confused about the numbers because realtors fail to educate their clients on the significant difference between the two figures.  We often find that looking at the assessed values is about as accurate as using to figure out what a home is worth.  If you have... Continue Reading >

Weston Massachusetts Real Estate Market Results In 2013.

The Palmer Group Homes Sold in Weston MA in 2013 Total Number of Weston Homes Sold Through Massachusetts Multiple Listing Database, (MLS) – 166 Additional Number of Weston Homes Sold Not through MLS – 46  We didn’t sell all those homes behind the scenes but we were involved in many of those transactions.  Least Expensive Weston Home Sale - 436 North Ave sold at $490,000.  Most Expensive Weston Home Sale - 5 Willow at $10,000,000. Most Expensive Home Sale in Massachusetts In 2013 – Dartmouth Street Boston sold at $14,500,000. Average Weston List Price -... Continue Reading >

Is The Slow Down In The Massachusetts Luxury Real Estate Market Self Inflicted?

The Palmer Group   This is an interesting question and you may not like our answer, but we believe in honesty and straight forwardness. From our perspective, some of the current market conditions are indeed self inflicted. Problem #1:  Sellers with unrealistic expectations.  Years ago, homeowners watched their homes appreciate annually at double-digit rates.  Today, the real estate market has been slow for years and those double-digit appreciation rates have been gone for some time. Many markets have actually seen negative appreciation.  Higher- end towns like our core towns... Continue Reading >

One Of The Prettiest Lots In Wellesley, MA – 12 Arden Road – $2,899,000

The Palmer Group  12 Arden Road  Wellesley, MA Beautiful New Construction Home by one of our builder clients and current listing. 12 Arden Road Wellesley, MA  - $2,899,000 Style: Colonial      Rooms: 13      Bedrooms: 6      Baths: 6f, 2h Living Area: 7048      Acres: .46 (20090)    Year Built: 2013 This has to be one of the prettiest lots in Wellesley.  This beautiful flat lot located on a cul-de-sac street in The Dana Hall area of Wellesley backs up to 8 acres of conservation land and trails known as the... Continue Reading >

Can Too Many Pictures In MLS Ruin My Chances To Sell My Home?

The Palmer Group   Pictures can play a very important role when marketing your property but you have to be careful how you use them. First and foremost all of your pictures should be done by a professional photographer.  As a seller you're paying a lot of money in commissions and there is no excuse for not having professionally done photos. In today's internet savvy world of shopping, photos act as your first impression to a potential buyer.  To have dark, out of focus, poorly cropped, or photos... Continue Reading >

The Mystery Behind Boston Residential New Construction Sq. Ft. Costs.

The Palmer Group   Many buyers like to break things down into simple equations they can use to compare properties. The most popular comparision we see is the cost per sq.ft. The basic formula is to divide the price of the house by the number of sq.ft. to determine your cost per sq.ft.  We are all for a fair and accurate way to compare costs but this basic formula doesn't necessarily work in every situation. Cost of land: The most obvious is the cost of the Land.  You may... Continue Reading >

Want To Know What Your Property’s Development Potential Is?

The Palmer Group   The answer to this question is actually quite simple.  The best way to get a professional assessment of a property's development potential is to ask a developer like, Commonwealth Estates Residential Brokerage.  Most sellers initially consult with a realtor.  But realtors in general don't know all the local and state building and zoning codes, possible conservation restrictions, septic design and implementation, floor area ratios, lot coverage issues, tree bylaws, non-compliance and variance issues. They may provide you with a few things like zoning... Continue Reading >

How To Incorporate Green Technologies In Massachusetts Without Totally Going Green.

The Palmer Group      For people who are new to green building products and techniques you will find there is a whole new maturing industry out there that is creating some pretty cool products and building techniques. What a lot of people don't understand is you can incorporate some of these green products into your everyday life without having to go totally green or fully embracing the LEED certification process. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. There are cool things like: green light bulbs, dual... Continue Reading >