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Old-Fashioned Barn Raising with Community Helping Local Barn and Young Equestrians

Old fashioned Barn Raising

At some point in our lives we all face adversity. 

Our mothers always used to say,

“When in life you get dealt lemons, you make lemonade”

Saddle Row Barn Collapse

Unfortunate Event  Do to the harsh winter of 2014, the Saddle Rowe Equestrian Center located in Medway, Massachusetts had the misfortune of having their indoor riding ring collapse.

Saddle Rowe IEA Team

Saddle Rowe IEA Team

Our hearts go out to the owners, the young riders, the barn workers, and the community at large who were all greatly impacted by this unfortunate event.

Joe, one of the original founders of Saddle Rowe, watching young riders

Joe, one of the original founders of Saddle Rowe, watching young riders

Owners Committed to Rebuilding             The good news is the owners have decided to undertake the challenging and lengthy rebuilding process with the hopes of making a strong comeback as a viable business in our community.

Community Actively Trying to Help

Lots of people have been asking to help and with a daughter actively involved at the barn in the Showing Program, local realtors Stacey and Michael Palmer of the Palmer Group at Century 21 Commonwealth, have offered to help by contributing a portion of their real estate commissions to rebuilding the barn through a unique home buying and selling program.

How the Program Works and How you can Help.

1. We all know someone who is probably thinking of moving or buying a home.

2. You simply refer their name and contact information to the Palmer”s.

3. If your referral ends up buying or selling a home as clients of the Palmer’s

4.  The Palmer’s will donate .5% of their own personal real estate commissions directly to the Saddle Rowe Rebuilding Fund.

If you would like to help and want further details on this special program, contact Stacey and Michael Palmer.

Your simple act of kindness and compassion will be greatly appreciated by the Saddle Rowe community.  In addition, your involvement in this program will go a long way in helping all our riders at Saddle Rowe and the neighboring barns and communities see the value and importance of a community sticking together to overcome adversity.

Michael Palmer      508-596-7377

[email protected]

Stacey Palmer       508-889-8025

[email protected]

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