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Biggest Massachusetts Seller Myth Demystified

Massachusetts Seller Myths.

Massachusetts Seller Myths.

One of the biggest seller myths when listing a home for sale, is that sellers automatically assume they have to list with an in town real estate company because they have all the buyers.

The first thing sellers should know is, buyers don’t care who you list with.  

That’s correct.  You will never hear a buyer say, “I’m going to see that house because it’s listed with the top agent and firm in town.”

Don’t Be Fooled. Not Everyone Can Be The # 1 Realtor. Can They?

The reality is buyers don’t care with whom you list your home.  If your home is listed properly in MLS by your listing agent then the buyers are going to get all the necessary exposure to the property no matter who has your listing.

To continue demystifying the myth, take a look at actual statistics from MLS.  The chart below shows all single family home sales in 2013 in four of our core towns.

Categories Weston Wellesley Newton Needham
Total # Of Homes Listed In MLS 166 413 625 419
Homes Listed By Local Town Realtors 63% 67%  78% 50%
Homes Listed By Realtors From Outside Of Town 37% 33% 22% 50%
% Of Local Buyer Agents Selling Homes 32% 59% 58% 36%
% Of Buyer Agents From Outside Town Selling Homes 68% 41% 42% 64%

As you can see from the chart,  The 1st line shows you the total number of homes listed and then because there is typically a listing broker and a selling broker involved in the transaction the next 4 lines are broken down accordingly.

The 2nd and 3rd lines of the chart shows the breakdown of homes listed by local realtors and then the number of homes listed by brokers outside of town.

The last two lines show you where the Selling brokers who brought the buyers come from.  The interesting thing is a large percentage of the buyers, 53% on average for the four towns, are working with out of town agents.  In Weston and Needham, the percentage is significantly higher.

Buyers are coming from many different locales which leaves little control for local agents.

If you did the same statistical analysis for your town using the numbers from MLs you would see the real estate world is changing.  While a lot of the change has to do with technology and the internet, the industry at large has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 10 years and sellers need to adapt their thinking.  Most of the old seller myths and marketing hype being presented to sellers are just not true in today’s world.

To learn more about the following old seller myths: 

  • I listed with them because they have the largest advertising budget.
  • I chose that particular broker because they have the largest website and 4 million visitors annually to the site.
  • I chose my realtor because she has all the listings in town.
  • I chose my realtor’s firm because they are the largest firm in town with the most employees.

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