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Do You Want To List Your Home Or Sell Your Home?


Not Many Agents Have Attended Formal Sales Training.

Not Many Agents Have Attended Formal Sales Training.

The answer to that question is quite simple.  Most people think that by Listing their home with a broker they are selling it.  Right?

Wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Listing a home is nothing more than completing a process.

You sign a contract with a realtor.  The realtor then posts the listing in MLS, they advertise the listing, hold open houses, and sit back and pray the home sells.

The problem is listing a home is not selling a home.

Having come from a professional sales and marketing career at companies like IBM, and having gone through many formal sales training programs I can honestly say that the large majority of realtors have little if any formal sales training.

Having worked for some of the larger national realty firms in the past, I can assure you that the training is really nothing more than training on contracts and the listing process.

We were very surprised that there was not any formal training on basic 101 sales training concepts like negotiation skills, objection handling, problem solving, trial close,  feature /benefit selling, etc.  

My first broker from one of the more recognized national firms explained how to fill out the sales contracts, told me to build a sphere of contacts to hound for business, and then wished me good luck.

Some People Are Born To Sell.

Some People Are Born To Sell.

Obviously in the course of a career most realtors will have been in an out of a lot of homes but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know a lot about home building and construction or the product they are selling.

They may be able to show you a pretty house in a good neighborhood.  But, do they really know if the house is well built, are the mechanicals sufficiently sized, can the house be added onto, what are the local zoning and building codes, can they articulate the difference in building materials and the features and benefits of quality products over inferior products and materials.

Being able to articulate these unique features within your home could be the difference between standing out in a crowd and getting your home sold in a timely fashion.

In addition to our formal sales training, our real estate experience comes from 30 years of buying, remodeling, building, marketing and selling luxury real estate here in some of Boston’s premier communities.

We are dedicated Real Estate Sales Professionals who believe:

  • Selling is an art and a science
  • Selling is finding a customers need and filling that need.
  • Selling is walking the road of agreement with the customer.
  • Selling is relationship building.
  • Selling is a consultative process.
  • Selling is all about trust.

The Key To Sales Is Remembering That People Buy From People They Trust.

If you’re serious about selling and want to do something more than just listing your home is MLS, contact us to discuss how we might help your home standout in a crowded market, 508-596-7377 or email [email protected].

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We are Massachusetts real estate specialists. With over 30 years experience selling, buying, and developing homes we have earned our distinction in a crowded market of agents claiming to be #1.  If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with us, contact us  at 508-596-7377  or [email protected].


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