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Should I Fix Or Update My Massachusetts Home Prior To Selling?

We Have Heard This Question from Hundreds of Home Owners.

Should I fix or update my home prior to Selling?

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During a Sellers Market

Since we’ve made a pretty good living building and remodeling homes over the last 30+ years we hear this question from sellers all the time.  If this were 10 years ago and we were still in a hot market I would often advise clients to fix or update certain things in their homes prior to selling because there was an excellent chance you could not only sell your home quicker but typically you would also recoup your full investment and then some.  There were always certain types of things that stood a higher chance of recouping your investment.  Things like kitchen and  bathroom updating and remodeling,  Family room additions, new roof, updated heating and cooling systems were all good bets in a Sellers market.

During a Buyers Market

Considering that we are now in a tough buyers market and have been for some time our advice to clients is a little different today.  Obviously every situation and property is different but in general we are advising clients to only fix things that are structurally wrong or failing.  Examples: Leaky roof, failing heating system, water in the basement, mold issues, things of that nature.  You have to look at the serious things that would potentially turn a buyer off.  An alternative we also suggest to clients is that if you only have one or two major items wrong with your house you might consider just getting two or three quality estimates for the repairs.  if a buyer is not overwhelmed with to many items needing repairs they will be more receptive to hearing what the potential resolutions are and you can get into a more intelligent dialog and negotiation with the buyer on how to resolve by providing them realistic costs and people willing to do the work.

Why we suggest a Home Inspection prior to selling

The other thing we strongly suggest to sellers is that they do their own home inspection.  Hire one of the top home inspectors you can find and pay the short money to have him put your home thru the paces.  If you need help finding a top notch inspector we are happy to provide you with two of the area’s best.  By doing a quality home inspection you’ll know ahead of time what sort of things a home inspector might point out or find wrong with your home.  Once you’ve completed the home inspection you can then decide which things are important to fix and which you should just get estimates on.  There is no such thing as a perfect house and you will always find things wrong but knowing ahead of time might be the difference in being  successful selling your home in this market.

Free Evaluation from the Pro’s

If you would like a free evaluation of what things to repair or upgrade before selling, or advice on good home inspectors feel free to contact Mike Palmer and his team of real estate professionals at Commonwealth Estates Residential Brokerage (508) 596-7377 or email Mike now at [email protected]  Stop fretting about what to do or not to do and call the Pro’s today.

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