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Reasons Why We Prefer Hydro Air Systems For New England Homes.

Hydro air heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in the New England area.

We’ve installed Hydro Air systems in many of our projects and we are big fans of the technology.  The concept of hydro air is not new, and it has existed for most of this century. 

I am not an engineer so my apologies.  I will attempt to break this down into laymans terms so you get an understanding of a Hydro Air System. hydro air system image

A hydro air system is a combination of a hot water and a hot air system.  A hot water boiler, either gas or oil fired, generates heat.  The water is then pumped through small diameter tubing to an air handler unit.  This unit contians a hot water coil, an air conditioning coil, and a fan blower unit.  The unit resembles an air conditioning air handler.  As hot water heats up the coils, the blower then passess air over the coils.  This air is then distributed throughout the home via a duct system.  The same ductwork is also used to distribute cool air if an air conditioning unit is also attached.

As remodeler’s and builders we believe this concept has several advantages over straight hot air heating systems.

The biggest advantages in our opinon are:

  • Ease of zoning
  • The proper sizing of zones
  • Increased comfort levels over straight hot air systems.
  • The ability to easily expand the system and generate heat in other ways that a traditional hot water system cannot.

That last one is an important selling point when we are marketing one of our remodeled homes.

We can explain to a buyer that if they want to add heating in a garage, pool, hot tub, addition, or to generate domestic hot water for showers, laundry, etc. this system will allow it.  All the advantages of hydro air would be difficult or impossible with a straight hot air system.

Our fasination with Hydro Air systems stems from our desire to incorporate more comfortable, efficient, cleaner Green building type alternatives.

In a hydro air system, no combustion is taking place inside each air handler.  Consequently, the air is not as hot or as dry as in a hot air system, and soot and combustion odors are not present inside the unit.

This makes hydro air systems much cleaner and more comfortable than hot air systems.  Hydro air systems are also more comfortable and generally less dry than convential hot air systems due to a lower temperature rise through the unit.

Properly designed, the units will cycle on and off less, lowering the temperature swings within the room.

Although not as comfortable as a radiant floor or hot water baseboard system, a hydro air system allows for greatly increased comfort over hot air systems.

In our opinion and experience it is a much more cost effective alternative to a complete hydronic (wet) system with separate air conditioning.

Over the years we’ve installed plenty of hot water baseboard systems, radiant flooring systems, and hydro air systems.

If you were to aks us what our all time favorite heating system is we would tell you Geo-thermal But thats a subject for another day.

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