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Sellers Don’t Be Fooled. Not Every Realtor can be #1. Can They?

Real Estate Agents Claiming To Be Number One In Real Estate Sales.

Who Really Is The Number One Realtor?
As A Seller Or Buyer Should You Care?

Have you ever picked up one of those beautiful lifestyle magazines like Weston/Wellesley Magazine and noticed how many real estate ads have claims to be the “Number One Realtor” in the market?

Maybe they are claiming that they are “number one in 2010 or 2011.  Perhaps  they are number one in a single town like Weston.  Maybe they are top realtor for listings, or working with buyers, or even number one within their own large firm.

Unfortunately for sellers there is no one to police these overly and highly publicized claims.

To us it’s all very nauseating.  We believe Realtors spend too much time and money promoting themselves as number one instead of focusing on their customers.

Just because they have a lot of listings or their promoting themselves as the top realtor it doesn’t mean you as a seller or buyer are going to get a great level of service.

Most of these brokers have a slew of assistants, and aren’t even showing your listing themselves, or they are not present at the showings when you are the buyer.

Let me give you an example.  On a recent Sunday, I pulled up a list of the open houses for that day in Wellesley.  One of the top brokers in Wellesley had open houses going on at 11 different homes in a four-hour time period.

Do you really think that realtor will be present at any of these?

Typically these brokers have these in-experienced newbies who do not have clients of their own acting as their assistants and working the strange hours and long weekends so the top broker doesn’t have to.

The fact of the matter is: to handle the number of listings these top brokers tend to have there is no choice but to have several assistants.

As a seller or a buyer, I prefer a higher level of personalized service by a seasoned professional.  Do you?

At The Palmer Group, C21 Commonwealth, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service, personalized for your particular needs

We don’t drive fancy cars and we are happy working as a small real estate boutique where we can provide our clients with the undivided attention you need and deserve.

If you are thinking about selling or buying a home and want to avoid the  nauseating claims,  give us a call.  We will be honest, hard working, and focused on your needs.

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