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Mallard Lane, Sharon MA – Negotiation Lead To 75k In Upgrades. Sold for $609,000


42 Mallard Dr, Sharon MA Remodeled Home.

42 Mallard Dr, Sharon MA Remodeled Home.


42 Mallard Lane, Sharon MA.

Sold for $609,000.

As a referral from one of our past clients we helped this customer sell their starter home in Sharon and purchase this recentely remodeled home. 

During the transaction we uncovered some issues with the roof and siding and successfully negotiated with the builder over 75k in upgrades on top of the purchase price including new siding and a roof. 

Our customer did not have to pay for the upgrades the money came out of the builders pocket for mistakes that we uncovered while our client was renting the home with the right to buy it.

The home is pictured here before the new siding and roof work was completed.

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