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55 Loring Rd, Weston MA, Custom Built Home With Carriage House. Sold $1.7M

55 Loring Rd, Weston MA Custom Built Home and Carriage House.

55 Loring Rd, Weston MA.


55 Loring Road, Weston MA.  

Sold for $1,700,000

This home owner was having trouble selling their home through a large local real estate agency and a well known agent. 

After speaking to two of her friends who we had recently helped sell both of thier homes the client was referred to us to see if we could help. 

She ended up firing her agent and gave us the listing.  We were able to successfully market and sell the home in a relatively short period of time for $1,700,000. 

Customer was extremely happy with the outcome and they continue to work with us as one of our builder clients actively coming to us for projects to buy and build new homes. 

If you would like to learn more about ways we can help you sell your home give us a call, 508-596-7377 or email [email protected].

Gorgeous Weston Home With It’s Very Own Carriage House, 55 Loring – Weston, Ma. 

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