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17 and 19 Silver Hill Rd, Weston Co-Developed New Construction Homes.

17 and 19 Silver Hill, Weston Ma New Construction Home For Sale.

17 Silver Hill Rd, Weston MA.


19 & 17 Silver Hill Road, Weston MA.

Sold for $1,375,000 & $1,450,000.

We were contacted by this customer to help them tear down two historic cottages and co-develop the construction of two new homes. 

This was a difficult process due to the historic location, scenic road, and non conforming issues that required our years of experience and knowledge developing homes in Weston. 

We managed the project from start to finish and successfully marketed and sold the homes. 

We exceeded expectations under difficult market conditions selling the homes for $1,375,000 and $1,450,000. 

Weston MA New Construction Home Built, Marketed, and Sold.

19 Silver Hill Road, Weston MA.

Customer continues to explore other development opportunities with us and is waiting for the right project to come along.

If you have questions about a development opportunity or want to sell your home we would love to hear from you.  Contact us directly at, 508-596-7377 or email [email protected].

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New Construction Homes In Weston.

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