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Diamond In The Rough In Sterling MA.

Diamond In The Rough

Hard to believe you can buy a home in Massachusetts with almost an acre of property for $77,600.

I sold this home to one of my dear friends after weeks of us researching the details of this foreclosure.  The home was being sold as is and my client plans to live in the home and completely remodel the property.  He is a carpenter by trade so I am sure with some sweat equity he will have this home looking great in no time.  Had we not taken our time to research the property at town hall we might have passed on a gem of a find.

Lesson learned there is a home out there for everyone and with the right agents guiding you through the process you too can be successful in your search.

Kitchen to be remodeled.

Upon talking to the neighbor we found out that the home was owned by the grand parents who built it from a kit that they bought from Sears.  The home was lived in and loved by the grand parents until they passed away and that’s when it went into foreclosure.  This gave us a since of comfort knowing the home was maintained and not abused over the years.  I am sure like any remodel job there will be a few I got you moments.

If you are looking for that Diamond In The Rough contact us for help with your search.

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