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Want To Know What Your Property’s Development Potential Is?

Massachusetts Residential Property Development

Do You Know Your Properties Full Potential?


The answer to this question is actually quite simple.  The best way to get a professional assessment of a property’s development potential is to ask a developer like, Commonwealth Estates Residential Brokerage

Most sellers initially consult with a realtor.  But realtors in general don’t know all the local and state building and zoning codes, possible conservation restrictions, septic design and implementation, floor area ratios, lot coverage issues, tree bylaws, non-compliance and variance issues.

They may provide you with a few things like zoning district or general setbacks but most of them haven’t been working as real estate developers for over 30 years.

At Commonwealth Estates we are proud of the vast amount of industry knowledge we’ve obtained over the years by working as developers in a lot of our core towns ( Weston, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, Dover, Lincoln, Wayland, etc.)

Every town has different requirements and zoning nuances but with the proper experience you can quickly and easily assess and determine what is and isn’t important to be aware of in any of these towns.  Not only do we work on our own projects but over the years we’ve consulted with many builders and clients like yourself on hundreds of development opportunities in towns all over New England..

If you would like the answer to your question then please start by asking a highly skilled and professional developer like Mike Palmer and his team of professionals at CERB.

By talking with us first you are basically killing two birds with one stone.  You’ll get an experienced realtors perspective as to the value of your property and a developer’s prospective as to the full development potential all in one call.  Feel free to contact us at (509) 596-7377 or email us now at [email protected]

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We are Massachusetts real estate specialists. With over 30 years experience selling, buying, and developing homes we have earned our distinction in a crowded market of agents claiming to be #1.  If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with us, contact us  at 508-596-7377  or [email protected].


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