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Can I Sell My Boston Metro West Home Without Listing It In MLS? Learn How.

16 Albion Rd, Wellesley MA - Sold As A Tear Down.

16 Albion Rd, Wellesley MA – Sold Without Listing In MLS As A Tear Down.

Short answer:  YES!

It is possible to sell your home without ever listing it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

We took a look at all the residential homes listed and sold in Wellesley for 2010, and found 304 homes were listed and sold by brokers in MLS.  

According to the state’s Registry of Deeds, 390 homes were sold and recorded in Wellesley in that same time period.  That is a difference of 86 Homes, or 22% of all homes sold in Wellesley were NOT listed in MLS – many of these homes we knew firsthand.

Example of a home we sold without ever listing it in Multiple Listing Service, (MLS). 

We recently helped a client at 16 Albion, in the Cliff Estates section of Wellesley, sell his family home quickly.  The home required all kinds of work but was in a great location on a rare to fine in Wellesley pond.

16 Albion Rd, Wellesley Included A Rare Back Yard Pond.

16 Albion Rd, Wellesley Included A Rare Back Yard Pond.

The son who had inherited the home called us to see if we would be interested in purchasing the home as a potential remodeling project.  The home fit our business model, but unfortunately we were involved in too many other projects at that time.

Being resourceful, we quickly came up with two potential connections for this client, showing it to one of our builder clients and another end user client looking to build his dream home.

End result: We sold the property almost immediately for $2,325,000 as is. 

Bonus for the seller? We sold this home without ever having listed the home in MLS.

Saving him considerable money on commissions and the aggravation and expense of having to do all kinds of repairs to the home.


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