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Chestnut St. Wellesley, MA. Sold $1,500,000

32 Chestnut St. Wellesley, MA Real Estate For Sale.

32 Chestnut St. Wellesley, MA.

32 Chestnut Street, Wellesley, MA.

1890’s carriage house creatively sold for $1,500,000.

“Dear Michael and Jim,  

MANY thanks for selling our home so quickly and for the right price.  

You guys had been highly recommended by 3 of our close friends.  They were all correct in the assertion that if we wanted to sell our home quickly and for the right price to give it to you – given the fact that you sold all 3 of their homes in this difficult market. 

We were not having much luck through the usual real estate means, but your unusual approach to marketing and selling brought results and we are most grateful. 

We would highly recommend you both to anyone who wants to sell a home.   

All the Best.”   Elisabeth & Kevin Comer    Send article as PDF