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21 Wayland Hills, Wayland MA – Sweat Equity Home Sale. $615,000

21 Wayland Hills, Wayland MA Real Estate Extensive Remodeling Home Sale.

21 Wayland Hills, Wayland MA.
Sold The Vision Of Easy Sweat Equity.


21 Wayland Hills, Wayland MA.

Sold for $615,000.

Needing complete updating this home sold in a bidding war at the first open house $15,000 over asking price.  

We were successful at peaking buyer’s interest with some of our tricks of the trade designed to drive attendance at the open house.  

As a result we had over 30 qualified couples attending and several came forward with offers on the spot while others were disappointed they missed out by not acting sooner. 

Due to the expected large turnout both my brother Jim and I attended the open house.  We talked with all the young couples attending and enlightened them on our experience as remodelers and how this home could be easily transformed with some simple sweat equity. 

We explained things like removing carpets to expose hardwoods, easy wallpaper removal due to only one layer, vaulting and adding a few decorative windows to the family room to give it a more updated feel, and we provided them with lots of remodeling ideas complete with cost estimates for updating the kitchen and baths. 

As a result our client was extremely happy with the sale of the home and the family continues to be a great reference and ally for Commonwealth Estates. 

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The couple who bought the home relied on us for everything as they were buying their first home and did not have a real estate agent to support them. 

They continue to be good clients and they call us from time to time to ask us for additional advice and give us updates on thier growing family.

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