The Palmer Group

16 Albion Road Wellesley, MA. Sold for $2,325,000

16 Albion Rd, Wellesley MA - Sold As A Tear Down.

16 Albion Rd, Wellesley MA – Sold Without Listing In MLS As A Tear Down.

16 Albion Road, Wellesley, MA.

Never listed in MLS — Sold in a bidding war for $2,325,000

Customer has torn the home down and is building a new home.


I have to admit I was skeptical when I first saw your letters to my father that he had saved about your company buying homes and fixing them up, but I knew there was a reason why my dad had been holding onto all those letters and brochures.

You and your brother Jim were absolutely fantastic and very professional.  The services you provided from helping us decide where to start, what to fix and repair, where to get help with the cleaning out of the years of accumulation after my father and mother passed, was extremely helpful. 

Even though you were too busy with other projects to purchase the home as a project you suggested other creative and strategic alternatives.  As a result when we finally gave you permission to sell our home and find a buyer you brought us two very strong offers within days. 

I will strongly recommend you both to all of my parent’s neighbors and anyone else we know in the area.  We can’t thank you guys enough.”

Sincerely,  William Rutledge    Send article as PDF